Equinox is a Canadian portfolio manager that specializes in systematic investment strategies.  We seek to identify and exploit persistent return drivers using an objective, unemotional approach to determine what works.  The company was founded by Charles Dwight, MBA, LLM, CFA, CAIA who has extensive experience in portfolio and risk management.  Equinox works with industry leaders in trading, and compliance and offers transparency to its investors through managed accounts.


Equinox's offers traditional and alternative investment strategies which are based on sound investment principles that have been rigorously tested.  By employing an objective, evidence based approach to investing we have been able to identify market anomalies that have historically shown better performance than traditional buy and hold or index investing.  Equinox manages investment portfolios that seek to exploit these market anomalies and offer investors the possibility of better performance.  In addition, we believe in eating our own cooking and invest our own money in each strategy before inviting clients to invest. 


Equinox's investment portfolios are offered to individual and institutional investors as well as investment advisors through managed accounts.

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Equinox publishes a monthly report that provides updates on the performance of each of our strategies as well as economic and market commentary.
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