Equinox is a Portfolio manager based on Toronto that specializes in systematic investment strategies that seeks to exploit persistent return drivers using an objective, unemotional approach.  
The company was founded by Charles Dwight, MBA, LLM, CFA, CAIA who has extensive experience in portfolio and risk management.  
Equinox works with industry leaders in trading, and compliance and offers transparency to its investors through managed accounts.




Equinox is different than most other investment managers. Below are the core principles we follow that set us apart.

We are not affiliated with a bank and do not push products to earn additional fees.  The only fees we receive are the investment management fees that are disclosed to the client at the beginning of our relationship.

We believe that systematic model driven investments can help deliver superior risk adjusted returns by exploiting market inefficiencies.  Using a systematic approach also guards against behavioral errors and establishes a clear and repeatable process.

We use proprietary models to assess the condition of the market.  The models are built on a number of factors including fundamentals, market data and price trends to determine when it is appropriate to have exposure to risky assets and when it is appropriate to move to more defensive assets.

Protect Capital
We believe that one of the most important aspects of investing is avoiding losses.  Many investors focus solely on returns, however, the larger the decline in a portfolios value the greater the return required to get the investment back to breakeven.  A decline of 50% (which the stock market has experienced twice since 2000) requires a return of 100% to get back to breakeven.  Equinox’s alternative portfolios do not hesitate to move into fixed income investments or cash when the environment is unfavourable for risky investments.

We believe investors should be aware of and understand what they own.  Equinox uses managed accounts in the client’s name.  These accounts are held with a third party custodian who provides statements directly to the client.  The client is the owner of that account and can view their holdings at any time. 


The investment industry is one built on relationships and trust.  We have always held ourselves to the highest fiduciary standard in the investment industry by always acting in the best interest of our clients.

Meet Our Team

Collins Barrow

With offices from coast to coast, Collins Barrow is one of Canada’s largest associations of chartered accounting firms and the eighth largest group of chartered professional accountants in the country. Known as Canada’s mid-market alternative for audit, tax and advisory solutions, we have developed a reputation for being a real choice for quality and value-added financial advice, due to the depth and breadth of our in-house skills, customized offerings and service excellence. 

Collins Barrow

Interactive Brokers

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Equinox publishes a monthly report that provides updates on the performance of each of our strategies as well as economic and market commentary.
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