Equinox offers investment management services to individual and institutional investors as well as other financial advisors.  
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Institutional Investors

Learn how Equinox is different from other investment managers and can help you meet your investment goals.

Individual Investors

Plan for success with strategies that meeting your investment objectives now and in the future.

Financial Advisors

Learn how leveraging strategic business alliances is one of today’s most powerful business strategies helping Financial Advisors succeed.




Equinox strategies help institutional investors achieve better returns with lower risks than their traditional benchmark investments.
We offers three classes of investments to investors which include both traditional and alternative investments.
What these strategies have in common is that they are built to exploit durable sources of return, follow a rigorous development process and  are consistently and systematic implemented.
Below is a description of these strategies.
The Equinox Equity Portfolios offer the potential to outperform the market over an entire cycle.  The Equinox Canadian Equity portfolio for example has shown approximately 70bps of outperformance per month on average since launch.
The Equinox Tactical Strategies seek to provide absolute performance over a market cycle with significantly lower drawdowns.  Our tactical Emerging Market portfolio for example has out performed the MSCI Emerging Markets Index by approximately 60bps per month on average since launch.
The Equinox Volatility Strategy offers the potential to access a unique source of return with relatively low correlation to traditional equity investments.




Equinox was founded to meet investor need to achieve consistent returns in both bull and bear markets. We emphasize downside protection without losing upside participation in market rallies. We believe the biggest risks of an investor’s portfolio are the deep losses and drawdowns, which not only destroy an investor’s wealth but also the confidence of re-entering the markets.




Equinox's strategies provide Financial Advisers with a way to stand out from the competition with a full suite of traditional and alternative products.  In today's environment of increasing regulation Equinox can take the burden off you letting you focus on what you are good at - building a relationship and let Equinox provide investment advice that stands out above the crowd.  If you are serious about providing a platform and products that will help you take your business to the next level, you owe it to yourself to talk to us.